You Can Register here

Steps Of Registration:

1) If you are a new competitor make a new WCA account by signing up with your full name with correct capitalization and correct DOB. Otherwise login with your WCA account and link your WCA ID with your WCA account if you haven't done so yet.
2) Fill the registration form on this website after clicking on the "Register" tab. You will be listed on the waiting list which means your registration has not been accepted yet.
3) Pay the registration amount corresponding to the number of events in which you are taking part on Cubelelo.
4) Your name will be listed in the approved list after 2-3 days after you have completed the payment on Cubelelo and registration on WCA.

Registration Amount:

Base Fee: Rs 150
Per- Event Fee: Rs 40
Total = Base fee + (No. of Events) * Per- Event Fee
-> Please do payment as per the number of events in which you are participating.


In case of any queries mail to the organisers or the delegate.